Frustrated by an education system that is letting students down? Prepare and equip your students for real life in the real world...


Motivation & Inspiration to re-engage and sharpen your staff team. I help leadership teams and their staff shift gears and...

Public Speaking

Peter is an experienced and versatile public speaker with hundreds of hours of experience in front of audiences of all sizes.

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Are you frustrated with things as they are?

Are you serious about developing the people you work with to shape a different future? As a motivational speaker and trainer I work with schools, businesses and organisations to trigger  change and inspire people to achieve a better future.


Workshops to equip and inspire students to be exceptional human beings, ready for life and work.


Motivational staff training to improve employee engagement, emotional wellbeing in the workplace and develop game-changing teams.


Inspiration & strategic goalsetting for leadership teams to transform your trajectory and break new ground.

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    Getting out of the Cave – part 1

    Or  Why everything you thought you knew is wrong! The ancient philosopher Plato suggested that people everywhere live most of their lives like prisoners trapped in a cave. The prisoners…

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Presentations are first-rate, fast-paced and highly engaging. Peter is a vastly experienced speaker. His content is practical and inspirational. Book with confidence that your audience will be impressed.


Whether in the education, business or the public sector, presentations are relatable, highly informative and relevant. Peter speaks as an experienced leader, educationalist and expert in people development.


Whether an audience of 5 or 500, book with the confidence that your audience will be inspired to shift gears and move forward. Peter’s engaging style as a speaker and relevant material will transform aspirations and morale.

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