start learning now ! Inspiration & Motivation for a better tomorrow start learning now ! Inspiration & Motivation for a better tomorrow start learning now ! Inspiration & Motivation for a better tomorrow

BREAKING NEWS! Peter has been recently recognised by SME News Southern Enterprise Awards as the MOST MOTIVATIONAL WELLBEING SPEAKER 2021! 

Peter has also been named MOTIVATIONAL WELLBEING SPEAKER OF THE YEAR 2022 by the Innovation and Excellence Awards.

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Student Workshops

Frustrated by an education system that is letting students down? Prepare and equip your students for real life in the real world...


A motivated, skilled and inspirational teacher is worth more than all the initiatives and interventions in the world...

Business & Motivational Speaking

Peter is an experienced and versatile public speaker with hundreds of hours of experience in front of audiences of all sizes.

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Love Teaching Keep Teaching

Are you frustrated with things as they are?

Are you serious about developing your staff and students to shape a different future? As an experienced teacher, leader, speaker and trainer I work with schools to trigger  change and inspire young people to achieve a better future.


Workshops to equip and inspire students to be exceptional human beings, ready for life and work.


Motivational staff training to improve staff engagement and wellbeing in schools and transform education


Inspiration & strategic goalsetting for leadership teams to transform your trajectory and break new ground.

Training Days

Latest News

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    “Women are just better at some things!” ????

    The Roots of Sexism and Misogyny and How to Address Them – Part 1 It’s still a man’s world! Unfortunately, in spite of making huge strides in women’s rights over…

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  • Female activist with a hand print on her mouth, demonstrating violence on women. Woman protesting against domestic violence and abuse with group in background.

    Tackling Misogyny & Sexual Harassment

    I frequently run workshops in schools on sex and relationships. As part of these workshops I spend considerable time addressing respect, self-respect, consent and sexual harassment. Along the way I…

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    How to start tackling racism in your school

    The past couple of years have exposed in alarming ways just how much racism still pervades society and remains inherent in the national consciousness, institutions and systems. Racial inequality is…

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Presentations are first-rate, fast-paced and highly engaging. Peter is a vastly experienced speaker. His content is practical and inspirational. Book with confidence that your audience will be impressed.


Whether in the education, business or the public sector, presentations are relatable, highly informative and relevant. Peter speaks as an experienced leader, educationalist and expert in people development.


Whether an audience of 5 or 500, book with the confidence that your audience will be inspired to shift gears and move forward. Peter’s engaging style as a speaker and relevant material will transform aspirations and morale.

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