As an RS & Philosophy specialist with many years’ experience and a fantastic track record for outstanding results, Peter runs in-house GCSE RS revision days relevant to all exam boards.

Our whole day RE/Philosophy & Ethics days for whole year groups in KS4 enable delivery of relevant and engaging Religious Education to get students thinking about the BIG questions of life.

These days can supplement core RE or provide a means of delivering RE for all students who don’t have access to timetabled RE lessons.

The day covers a range of religious and philosophical perspectives on the following Ultimate Questions:

  • Who am I? What does it mean to be human
  • Where did we come from? Origins of life and implications of different views
  • Where are we going? Contrasting beliefs about life after death
  • Why are we here? The meaning and purpose of life
  • How should we live? Ethics and morality in a pluralistic society

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