Free & Equal? LGBTQ+ Awareness & Rights Workshop

Our understanding of gender identity and human sexuality is gradually changing but misunderstanding and prejudice continues. Debates around LGBTQ+ issues have been highly politicised and used as ‘ammunition’ in the so-called ‘culture war’ to the extent that many now feel anxious to even discuss these issues publicly for fear of being labelled or judged.

This eye-opening workshop explores gender identity and its roots in cultural stereotypes, religious beliefs and social norms. The workshop provides a safe place for students to discuss their views openly and explore different perspectives on current legal, human rights and ethical issues being debated in society at the moment without fear of judgment.

We will examine the following:

  • our unconscious bias towards categorising people
  • contemporary and traditional views of gender
  • how many gender identities are there and does it matter?
  • human sexuality and reasons for ongoing prejudice
  • LGBTQ+ rights – what needs to change?
  • gender dysphoria – understanding how it feels
  • finding your identity… and what does that mean?
  • current dilemmas /perspectives in the news
  • pronouns, labels and language

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