Get your students exam-ready!

  • Motivation & Growth Mindset
  • Memory Techniques & Revision Strategies
  • Coping with Stress

My Exam Winner Workshop will leave your students fully charged, motivated and equipped to succeed in their exams.

Suitable for whole year groups at GCSE or  Sixth Form, this is a  two-hour workshop packed with lots of motivation, advice on dealing with stress & practical advice, strategies and ideas to make sure your students have the best possible start to exam season.

  • Part 1 – Motivation – how to adopt an aspirational growth mindset that sets you up to achieve.
  • Part 2 – Supercharged revision: making every minute count with practical revision guidance and memory strategies.
  • Part 3 – Overcoming stress and procrastination: practical solutions to stay mentally well and on it!

Sessions can be adapted or shortened to fit your school timetable.

Students will receive their own workbook and will leave these sessions knowing what they need to do, how to go about it, what time-scale they need to work to and, most importantly, WHY they need to give their very best to their exams.

Exam Winner Workshops take the fear-factor out of exams and place them in the context of the bigger picture of the rest of their lives.

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