Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Exploring unconscious bias, gender, LGBTQ+, racism & se***l harassment

Now is a critical time for schools to explore their own culture and help students to challenge prejudice and discrimination. Recent reports show that more than half of UK students have experienced sexual harassment.  Debates and concerns are ongoing and never far from the headlines about gender, systemic racism and LGBTQ+ discrimination. School is the time and opportunity to help students explore these issues, dialogue meaningfully and hear different perspectives.

The EDI workshop for students can be adapted to suit your timetable and priorities. Key elements include:

  • Understanding unconscious bias
  • The process of prejudice & discrimination
  • Understanding systemic or institutional discrimination
  • Gender stereotypes and their impact
  • LGBTQIA understanding and rights
  • Se***l harassment – what it is and how to address it
  • Exploring po***graphy, power and consent
  • Identity & mental health
  • Racism, microagressions and white privilege

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