How to sustain healthy relationships & make good sex choices

This workshop explores sex and relationships from the positive perspective of how to develop strong, positive relationships based on self respect & respect for others.  For this to happen we need to address the culture of sexism and misogyny as well as challenging entrenched gender stereotypes that prevent young people from being themselves and forming meaningful, healthy relationships.

Students need to know the truth about sex and how to avoid making decisions that will lead to significant heartache, emotional lows and long term destructive consequences. In this workshop students will discuss and explore:

  • What the media doesn’t tell you about sex
  • The ‘right’ time /reasons to begin a sexual relationship
  • Sexual harassment, self respect & respect for the opposite sex
  • Gender stereotypes, power and consent
  • LGBTQ+ awareness and rights
  • Attitudes to pornography
  • The 6 red flags of controlling relationships
  • The five love languages and which one is theirs
  • How to resolve conflict
  • How to communicate effectively

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