Free & Equal? Racism workshop

The events of 2020 and the global prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement have brought racial inequality to centre stage. Now is an unprecedented time to address this issue in our schools and equip our students to challenge injustice and champion the human rights of all.

The FREE & EQUAL? racism workshop provides a chance to unpack and expose some of the underlying prejudices that lead to ongoing racism in our schools and society. This workshop is not about finger-pointing, but about seeing how unconscious bias where race is concerned has created an unequal society.

Students will explore:

  • what systemic racism means and how it affects minority ethnic groups
  • how stereotypes impact our judgments
  • what white privilege means and creates bias
  • micro aggressions and how they make people feel
  • the Black Lives Matter movement and different responses
  • what equity means and why we need to take it seriously
  • what should we think about ‘wokeness’?
  • whether we need to be ‘anti-racist’

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