Equip your students to be READY for life and work

A great set of GCSEs and post 16 qualifications is good, but students need much more if they are to really succeed and thrive both in life and the workplace. The job market is changing rapidly: the average student leaving school this year will have 14 different jobs by the time they are 38. They need to develop transferable skills and have the tenacity and flexibility to cope with change.  They also need wisdom to avoid pitfalls and make positive life choices.

My READY programme provides the skills, knowledge and wisdom to cope with the challenges of life as well as thrive in the changing workplace.


Forming healthy relationships &  making good sex choices

Emotional Wellbeing

Staying mentally well & coping with life’s storms


Developing the skills & mindset to thrive in the workplace


Finding your purpose & thinking through questions of meaning

Your Voice

Discovering your political voice & how to defend human rights

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