Enable your students to develop the skills & mindset to thrive in the workplace.

The world of work is rapidly changing. 60% of the jobs our students will do don’t yet exist . Students need to be equipped with the soft skills to thrive in the workplace as well as the qualifications to get into the careers they desire. Students need to be ready for a new world of work that will be increasingly conceptual and right-brain focussed. They need to be have confidence and flexibility; they need people skills and the ability to work well in a team; they need communication skills and to be able to problem solve and think creatively.

The Aspiration workshop introduces students to the rapidly changing world of work and the skills they will need to succeed no matter what job sector they choose to pursue. This is an exciting workshop that gets students dreaming big and taking a proactive approach to thinking about careers for themselves. Our unique simulation game ‘The New Soft Drink Sensation’ enables students to see and experience what it takes to start and grow a business as well as how to work effectively with others.

This is an ideal inspirational programme for your CEIAG provision. Students will:  

      • Understand the rapidly changing job market
      • Get excited about the possibilities ahead
      • Know the skills they need to develop to succeed
      • Develop a growth mindset towards
      • Have increased motivation for their studies
      • Know how to start a business
      • Develop their people and teamwork skills
      • Identify the kind of career that will suit them!


Schools and individual students can also opt to purchase the revolutionary Young People Index online assessment tool which helps students become self aware about themselves and the way they most effectively make an impact within a team.  See www.youngpeopleindex.com or download the IMPACT brochure below.

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