Enable your students to discover their purpose & thinking through the big questions of life

Finding what you want to do with your life is an endless challenge, especially in a world that is so rapidly changing and where different media voices are competing so loudly for our attention.  Many people spend half their lives in a career they thought they wanted only to discover in mid-life that they’ve been living someone else’s agenda! The big questions of who am I and what is my purpose suddenly loom large.

My Direction workshop helps students to grapple three main areas: the personal, the philosophical and the ethical.

  • Personal: thinking through personality and identity using personality testing as a starting point to explore who I am and my dreams for the future. What should I do with the rest of my life?
  • Philosophical: exploration & discussion around the big questions of meaning and values, reality and truth. Materialism vs spirituality? Science & religion.
  • Ethical: how should I live? How do I decide what’s right and wrong? Is ethics just a matter of opinion? Where do I draw the line in real life ethical situations at work & in life?

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