Growing Mentally Heathy Schools & Classrooms

Mental health in schools, whether that of staff or students, is an escalating concern and not one that can be sorted with a quick fix. In order to make any kind of strides forward, we need to change the culture of school which means fundamentally challenging and changing some of our entrenched mindsets, assumptions, and blindspots about human beings, mental health and how to go about education.

Changing school culture to make our schools and classrooms mentally healthy means recognising the role that every single staff member plays in creating classroom environments and school cultures that enable young people to grow and thrive physically, socially, academically, creatively, and psychologically.

It also means taking seriously the significant role that every single leader plays in creating a team culture in schools that enable all staff to grow and thrive physically, socially, academically, creatively and psychologically.

This course will help you to start a revolution.

Select from two learning streams: one for classroom teachers, one for leaders at any level. Get in touch to discuss in-person or live training.

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