Free & Equal? Sexism, Harassment & Masculinity Workshop

The Me Too movement, Everyone’s Invited and the shocking murder of Sarah Everard are just some of the events which have highlighted just how much harassment and misogyny pervade society. The disparity between men and women is baked into our systems and consciousness and results in women and girls everywhere continuing to be treated prejudicially, sexually harassed and abused. Now is an unprecedented time to address this issue in our schools and equip our students to challenge injustice.

This ground-breaking workshop explores how gender stereotypes, the porn industry, social media along with centuries of patriarchy have created inequalities which are unjust and dangerous. Students will consider the following topics and have the chance to explore their views and those of others within a safe, constructive environment:

  • unconscious bias and systemic discrimination
  • sexual harassment and how to address it
  • gender stereotypes and how they generate harmful behaviours
  • positive masculinity and what it means to be male
  • power and consent
  • how to navigate online influences and harmful messages
  • the impact of pornography
  • what feminism is really all about

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