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A motivated, skilled and inspirational teacher is worth more than all the initiatives and interventions in the world!  Our INSET provides inspiration and motivation to help you keep your staff 100% on board and excited about the phenomenal job they do.

“No educational establishment can outperform its teachers” (Barber and Mourshed)

Sessions can be delivered as full days, half days or shorter twilight sessions / keynote addresses. We can also provide bespoke training specific to your needs. Please get in touch to discuss.

“The best INSET I have been on!” Assistant Head (Wellbeing), North London Collegiate School

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Staff Wellbeing

This interactive INSET will provide the understanding and tools to transform your school culture and help you keep your...

Essential PSHE

PSHE is getting a national shake-up and all schools will be required to deliver a new comprehensive programme...

Mentally Healthy Schools & Classrooms

Mental health is an escalating concern and not one that can be sorted with a quick fix. In order to move forward, we need to change the culture...

Growth Mindset

An inspirational INSET that will challenge your staff to re-think their assumptions and practice in order to...

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Whole staff or leadership training in understanding and addressing racism and the systemic bias within our schools...

Leadership & Team Development

Tailored in-house training for your middle or senior leaders on the essentials of effective leadership and...

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