Staff Wellbeing: Six Month Transformation Programme

Are you serious about transforming the staff morale and wellbeing in your school?

There is no quick fix to staff wellbeing. The teaching profession is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment where, even with the best planning in the world, we have to roll with and adapt to the multitude of challenges that arise on a daily basis. Union surveys report that ‘workload’ is the issue, and yet inspection, exam season, reporting and daily safeguarding concerns mean that it’s very difficult to see a pragmatic way forward that maintains a high quality provision whilst ensuring that staff keep loving the job.

But it is absolutely possible! The Beyond This Staff Wellbeing Transformation Programme will help you to embed a different way of working AS WELL AS raising achievement and improving student outcomes.

How it Works

Over a period of six months I will take your leadership and staff through four phases of development that will leave your staff wellbeing and engagement measurably and significantly improved. You will gain:

      • Leaders who know how to effectively lead
      • Teachers and support staff who love coming to school
      • Improved student behaviour and outcomes.

Phase One: Diagnosis

      • SLT and middle leader consultation
      • Whole staff consultation & survey

Phase Two: SLT Strategic Review & Team Development

      • The Game-Changing Index with SLT
      • Together and collaboratively I will help you to identify the top five changes you can make that will have transformative effect in your school

Phase Three: Learning

      • Emotionally Literate Leadership Course for Senior & Middle Leaders
      • Whole Staff INSET and online accredited training course

Phase Four: Review

      • Whole leadership & staff survey and consultation
      • Challenges and next steps to maintain a mentally healthy school culture

Love Teaching Keep Teaching

Peter's game-changing book:

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