Enable your students to discover their political voice and engage with Human Rights issues

These sessions educate and mobilise your students on important human rights issues locally and globally. They will inspire students to use their voices and make a difference both in school and as a global citizen. Students will explore ‘British Values’ and understand how they fit with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Sessions cover

  • How our UK democracy works,
  • The Brexit debate and how it has changed politics
  • How laws are made
  • How to stand up for freedom & mutual respect
  • Right & Left wing ideologies
  • What’s your political colour?
  • Capitalism vs Socialism
  • Debate and application to current affairs
  • Focus on a current human rights issue (see below)
  • ​How to use your voice to change the world

Sessions can address specific issues you would like to address or take a more generic overview.

Other Human Rights issues:

  • Gender equality issues including FGM awareness
  • LGBTQIA awareness and homophobia / homophobic language
  • The Refugee Crisis
  • Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking
  • Poverty
  • Child Soldiers & War
  • Access to Education

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