Leadership lessons from Bananarama

Business Coaching, Education, leadership, Life Skills, motivation, teaching, team building

Before the summer, having booked to see Michael Buble in concert at Hyde Park with my wife for our anniversary, we discovered that one of the support acts was Bananarama. Who ended up being the highlight of the show since…

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GRIT predicts success better than any other measure

Life Coaching, Life Skills

How long do you stick with a task or project when it’s not going your way? How long do your kids, your students or your staff keep attacking a problem before they conclude: “I can’t do this.” According to recent…

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What’s the ONE thing your staff want most?

Business Coaching, Job Market

What drives human beings?  If we could nail this one then success might be less elusive?  According to Daniel Pink in his book Drive, two basic drives of human behaviour have dominated our understanding and practice: Motivation 1.0 is the drive to…

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Who will do the jobs that don’t yet exist?

Business Coaching, Education, Job Market, Life Skills

So at least 45% of the jobs that our current students will do in the future don’t yet exist.  One estimate puts the figure at 65%! The question is raised then as to what extent the education we are providing…

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How does parenting impact future success?

Education, Life Coaching, Life Skills

I recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Outliers’.  In it he analyses in detail the factors which affect success.  One point about parenting caught my attention.  He says various studies into parenting approaches all show the same thing: that there are basically…

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Revolution needed! The 6 inch problem…

Life Coaching

So I’m joining the world of Blogging! And here’s my first post… I’m reading ‘The Second Curve’ by Charles Handy at the moment. He makes a great point quoting something called the ‘MacNamara Fallacy’ that we tend to measure what…

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