“Peter was excellent – articulate, engaging, thoughtful and compassionate. The students thought that you are the best speaker they have had to date.”
Head of Sixth Form, St Mary’s Shaftesbury

“Peter is an excellent communicator. The workshop he delivered was engaging, motivational but also challenging for our students. He skillfully balanced the need to revise and prepare for exams alongside the mental health of our students, without either patronising the students or dumbing down the challenges they face. The student response was universally positive and we will be using Peter again.”
“The Exam Winner Workshop is the ideal way to motivate and effectively prepare students for exams. It makes students realise the importance of exam preparation and provides them with useful tips and strategies to realise their true value and potential.”
Head of Progress & Achievement, Range High School, Liverpool

“Peter arrived for the day armed to the gills with resources, activities, ideas, anecdotes and examples that really fired the students up. His delivery was excellent, bringing an initially reticent cohort of Year 12 students together with ease and getting them to work together effectively. He commanded a crowd of over 100, never losing the group. The content covered was pitched at exactly the right level and students have come away with a much better understanding of British Values, democracy, human rights, social injustice and the power of collective protest. I recommend Beyond This without reservation and look forward to working with Peter again in the near future.”
Head of Sixth Form, Sir John Colfox Academy

“A very inspiring session for our GCSE students.”
Head of Year 11, Canford School

“Peter worked closely with me to develop a tremendously valuable INSET session on the subject of Resilience and Growth Mindset for all Staff at Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls. He was responsive to our needs and the individual approach made it something that has really struck a chord in our staff and engaged them in developing this critical area within our pupil-body. I certainly would recommend him to others for his professional approach and warm and accessible demeanour that made him a success in front of a large audience.”
Senior Deputy Head, Sherborne School

“Peter Radford spoke at our school in late June. This was for Year 11 students and Peter’s talk was part of our Induction to Sixth form programme. The talk focused on relationships and then switched to a survey of human rights. Peter is a superb communicator, His presentation has splendid visuals to support his messages and his manner was very much to the point and delivered in a style and with language which our students responded too in a wholly positive way.
We very much look forward to Peter visiting us again.”
Head of Sixth Form, Leicester Grammar School

“The workshop sessions delivered by Peter were truly engaging and insightful. I myself learned tips that I can promote in my classroom and develop during lessons (I have been teaching for 10 years+). He managed to keep over 100 students engaged, focused, and soaking up all the information for 3 hours. We are so thankful he came to our school to deliver the sessions and look forward to working with him in the future.”
Head of Progress & Achievement, Rivers Academy, W London

“Peter has delivered PSHE sessons and assemblies to the Talbot Heath 6th Form over the last academic year. A feature of these is that they are always current, relevant and delivered in an extremely thought provoking manner. The pupils have benefitted enormously from Peter’s knowledge and expertly delivered sessions.’
Head of Sixth Form, Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth

“A huge thank you for your talk yesterday. I have had many speak to me since saying how thought-provoking and interesting they found it, and I have no doubt it has spurred some of them to act and even consider their future paths. It was clear that you know how to communicate with Sixth Form students, which is not always the case with guest speakers. You delivered a powerful, fact-based message at the right level for all to understand, and engaged everyone, even those traditionally hard to please! It would be great to have you back in the future… It is always good to have speakers in whose delivery you can have confidence.”
Head of Sixth Form, King’s School, Bruton

“Our Year 11 students found the ‘exam winner’ workshop really helpful. It both inspired them to want to achieve their potential, as well as giving them practical strategies for things like revision, managing workload and dealing with stress. We will definitely look to invite Peter back again”.
Academic Lead, Beaumont Leys School, Leicester

“The students were gripped by Peter’s interactive and informative presentation throughout and warmed to his style immediately. The impact Peter made on our students was exceptional: many students ended the day with a completely transformed attitude to human rights, world poverty and the refugee crisis. Peter used a range of imaginative and creative styles to keep the students totally absorbed in the topics. The students got a huge amount out of the day.”
Head of RE/ House Coordinator, Sir John Colfox Academy, Bridport

“Superb. The content hit the spot perfectly and covered exactly what I was hoping for. The students could take away tips and ideas to help their performance in their exams. A few weeks on and the students are still talking about some of the aspects.”
Head of Sixth Form, The Blandford School, Dorset

“Peter joined us immediately after a holiday, always a tough call, rather like after dinner speaking! Not only did he both remind and inspire colleagues about the wonders of our profession, but they are still quoting him a couple of months on!” Deputy Head, The King’s School, Canterbury

“It taught me a lot of things and showed us that the world can be unfair and horrible but we can change the way we think.”
Y7 student

“Engaging, fun and relevant to us in our daily lives.”
Y7 student

“Very helpful and relatable. Best assembly we’ve ever had!”
Y13 student

“Should’ve had this at the start of the year. Needed this 10 months ago.”
Y13 student

“Very inspiring and makes you really want to stop racism and all the horrible things in the world.”
Y8 student

“Inspirational. Brilliant!”
Y13 student

“I learned that people are equal. Makes us aware of danger that’s happening around the world. I think it was good as it interesting and I want to help people who are suffering. Also I think it was good as it makes us aware.”
Y8 student

“Great. I learnt a lot and it helped me to realise that sometimes we are mean without realising.”
Y7 student

“Motivational and very helpful.”
Y13 student

“Very interesting and helpful for people, especially ones finding this time hard.”
Y13 student

“It made me motivated and made me realise how selfish I can be. I want to make a change.”
Y10 student

“Very inspiring and emotional.”
Y8 student

Y9 student

“The session overall was very relevant and informative about issues in today’s world.”
Y8 student

“I thought it was inspiring and really made you think.”
Y8 student

Y8 student

“It was well thought through and engaged the audience. It was important, educational and important to know.”
Y8 student

“Inspired me to help the children.”
Y8 student

“It showed us that we do judge people before we know them and that’s wrong.”
Y8 student

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