Inspire & equip your staff!

A motivated, skilled and inspirational teacher is worth more than all the initiatives and interventions in the world!  My INSET provides inspiration and motivation to help you keep your staff 100% on board and excited about the phenomenal job they do!

Sessions can be delivered as full days, half days or shorter twilight sessions / keynote addresses.

Popular INSET days/sessions:

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Essential PSHE – What every teacher needs to know!

PSHE is getting a national shake-up and all schools will be required to deliver a new comprehensive programme from Sept 2020. This course provides both specialist and non-specialist staff with a fascinating, fast paced overview and update on the critical issues affecting young people today and discussion on every staff member’s role in helping students navigate them. Ideal as a whole staff INSET or as training for pastoral/PSHE staff.

  • The new statutory guidance and what it means for you and your school
  • How to deliver effective PSHE – practical strategies & advice
  • Essential update: key issues unpacked and up-to-date information on:
  • Adolescent mental health,  social media, drugs and alcohol, LGBTQIA, sex and the media, healthy & unhealthy relationships

Staff Wellbeing: Staying mentally well in a crazy profession!

This interactive INSET will provide the understanding and tools to transform your school culture and help you keep you staff feeling and teaching well!

  • How to achieve balance
  • The 6 Psychological needs of all human beings
  • Achieving a mentally healthy school culture
  • How to managing stress
  • The most important factors in transforming your school culture
  • Improving staff retention & performance

Raising Aspirations & Achievement: Embedding a Growth Mindset in your School

An inspirational INSET that will challenge your staff to re-think their assumptions and practice in order to help your students truly excel.

  • Developing a growth mindset in your staff & students
  • Effective feedback and praise that works
  • How to grow GRIT
  • Developing an aspirational culture

Growing Emotionally Resilient Students: Mental Health Awareness

This overview of mental health and emotional wellbeing will equip all your staff to feel confident about the role they each play in helping to support students through adolescence and develop their resilience.

  • The nuts and bolts of mental health
  • The changing world of social media and gaming
  • Developing emotional literacy in the classroom
  • How to develop student self-discipline
  • People management and development

Senior & Middle Leader Team  & Leadership Development

Tailored in-house training for your middle or senior leaders on the essentials of effective leadership and facilitated sessions to help strengthen and develop your teams.

  • Profiling & coaching using the GC Index
  • Team analysis & self awareness
  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • How to identify and overcome resistance to change

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