Frustrated by an education system that is letting students down?

Prepare and equip your students for real life in the real world

  • Are you worried that an unbalanced curriculum falls well short of the mark?
  • Sick and tired of endless box-ticking that doesn’t improve student outcomes?
  • Do you know deep down that exam pressure is seriously impairing your students’ wellbeing?
  • Desperate to improve things but feel like your hands are tied?

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Exam Winner Workshop

Suitable for whole year groups at GCSE or Sixth Form, this is a three-hour package packed with lots of motivation, advice on...

READY Programme

A great set of GCSEs and post 16 qualifications is good, but students need much more if they are to really succeed and...


A motivated, skilled and inspirational teacher is worth more than all the initiatives and interventions in the world! My INSET provides...


Find out what people have to say about the services we provide them. Hear from school leaders, staff and pupils...

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